A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter and her friends to a 3D movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth. The story is based on the Jules Verne novel, and according to the movie site, it is the “first live action feature to be shot and released entirely in digital 3D” (this wasn’t the case for Spy Kids and Polar Express, which were not made for 3D). And a wild ride it was! Along with a compelling story of a boy and his uncle trying to find the hidden center of the earth first discovered by his father, the effects were absolutely spectacular. I don’t think I’d seen a 3D movie since, well, the 70s, though I’m at a loss for what the movie was. Suffice it to say, I remember the flimsy cardboard “glasses” with the cheap red and blue cellophane lenses. Boy has the technology changed! The glasses are much more sophisticated, sturdy and are designed to fit easily over normal glasses.





I also remember what an event it was to see a 3D movie. It almost felt cult-like, turning around to watch all the serious faces with those silly glasses. What did my daughters and her friends think of it? The fact that it was 3D hardly fazed them. There was no mention of the glasses at all. In fact, most left them on the seat! Are kids today (listen to me…kids today) so saturated with all the whiz-bang special effects available through a variety of media, that they’re totally immune to this “new” experience? I hope film makers continue to make movies in 3D, because I think they are visual gems. In fact, I did a little exploring and found some interesting thoughts on the genre. From Film School Rejects, here are the (what the author) believes are 10 classic films that would have been cool in 3D:

10. Star Wars
9. Raging Bull
8. ET
7. North by Northwest
6. Fantasia
5. Singin’ in the Rain
4. Ben Hur
3. 2001: A Space Odyssey
2. The Wizard of OZ
1. Citizen Kane


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